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COACHES CORNER: Psychological Elements


DECISIONS DECISIONS: Making the right choices on court

If technical ability is the foundation of sporting success then good decision making has to be the bricks and mortar. At the younger age groups in our academy we focus on creating that technical foundation, its true that without this good decision making doesn’t matter much. A player needs to be able to execute the skills they are choosing to use after all! Now though we are moving into a new phase of education for our u12s group,...
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Learn Futsal: The art of preparation

You’ll have heard the importance of preparation a million times, whether it is a school exam, job interview or match day. You’re probably sick of hearing it. But, there’s a reason you keep hearing it – it is absolutely true. Preparation is paramount for success in any form. Futsal Preparation You maybe thinking; “Yeah but, once I was successful although I did no preparation, I just winged it”. Sure, we all have examples of this. But after countless...
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