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Coach Education

With Futsal in it’s infancy in England, we feel that the game cannot progress unless coaches possess the right level of Futsal knowledge. The vast majority of coaches in England are Football qualified and even the Futsal qualified coaches have very little experience in the sport. So we offer the opportunity to any coach out there to attend our training sessions and/or we will attend your training sessions and share our knowledge, provide advice and tips, even put on sessions for your team.  

Futsal has the potential to improve the standard of Football player in this country, having a wide variety of knowledge and experience as a coach is essential to ensure that you are effective and that your players are getting the best chance they can to develop.

We make ourselves available for coach education purposes and offer in-service events to educate coaches on the game of Futsal and introduce how the game can be coached for both Futsal and Football development. 

We work with the county FA grass roots clubs, schools and academies and we offer a coach education programme that is tailored to the needs of the respective coaches. 

Our programme includes seminars, coaching days and in-service training and is available to clubs and coaches of all levels in both Futsal and Football. 

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