COACHES CORNER: Technical Coaching

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LEARN FUTSAL: The Futsal Dribble

We refer to dribbling in Futsal as the technique used to allow a player to move with the ball in a particular direction without being dispossessed by an opponent. When dribbling a Futsal player uses the sole of the foot frequently to move the ball. This allows the player to maintain close control on the fast smooth surface where space is limited and opponents are never far away! However introducing the use of the sole of the foot...
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Learn Futsal: The Pivot Article 4

Supporting the Pivot Even the best pivots will struggle to do it all alone. They will need support from the rest of the team, but the two things they will thank you for the most are: playing them quality passes and making good runs. The quality of the pass you give to the pivot is important. They want to receive a pass that is easy to control (that means that it should be accurate, not over hit, and...
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Learn Futsal: The Pivot Article 3

With the ball – set up others, set up yourself! Having received the ball, the pivot is going to have to use all their strength and cunning to keep the defender stealing it. Now, if the defender gets their positioning wrong – by being too much either side of they player, or getting too tight, that would be the time to try to turn. Some pivots will tell you that the moment they try to turn is when...
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Learn Futsal: The Pivot article 2

Receiving the ball – sideways on, sole of the foot It might sound easy to receive a pass, but anyone who has played as a pivot will know that any half-decent defender will be breathing down your neck. To deal with this, the pivot needs to get their positioning and body shape right as they receive the ball. In practical terms, this means that they need to receive the ball with their body half-turned. In all the diagrams...
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Learn Futsal: The Pivot Article 1

An extremely effective way to make sure that a Futsal team carries an attacking threat is by using a dedicated attacker. This role is one of the most important to the team and, if you get it right, could be the spark that gets the team creating space and playing impressive attacking football. The ‘Pivot’ In the Futsal world, the most advanced player on the pitch; the one who is in attack, pinning back the opposition defence is...
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