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The Under 8s

Head Coach

Jon Reay

Our club has a its own style of play. Every CFC coach follows our Clubs own coaching curriculum and in the foundation stage (age 5-11) it is designed to ensure players are equipped with the necessary technical skills to allow them to develop down our elite pathway from age 12 onwards.

Our curriculum

At this age our squads are learning ball mastery skills. The ‘Futsal theory’ needed to be learnt at this age is very limited and the focus is on creating players who are capable both in offensive and defensive 1v1 situations.

Our coaches will deliver their sessions ensuring players have a good technical basis and a real enjoyment of scoring and preventing goals. 


Team Tactics

We do not introduce team tactics at this age it is all about the individual.

There should be no specific team organisation, the game should be played with general instruction.

In attack focus on moving the ball towards the oppositions goal to find a suitable shooting position.

In defence the aim is to prevent a goal and recovering possession of the ball.

Individual Tactics

Players should be constant and active at all times during the game.

Introduce the idea of attack & defence.

Attacking elements to learn including
1. Progress towards the oppositions goal
2. Help the player with the ball
3. Losing a marker
4. Finding space
5. Quick decision making when on the ball

Defensive elements to learn:
1. Introduce the concept of marking
2. Ball interception

Our coaches will cover the following technical teachings in their sessions at this age group:

Attacking techniques to be learnt include:

  1. Shooting accuracy
  2. Correcting deficiencies in how players strike the ball
  3. Dribbling (using both feet)
  4. Passing & receiving 

Defensive techniques to be learnt include:

  1. Body position
  2. Quick interception

Drills and practices should ALWAYS incorporate a ball. Never use session time to train players on physical elements. Practices and drills should be designed to improve:

  1. Hand eye coordination
  2. Perception & spatial awareness
  3. Develop both feet
  4. Coordination and proprioception

Be reactive to the players at this age, let them tell you what they want to do at times, make sure learning is fun. Always promote:

  1. Good behaviour
  2. Respect for others

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