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COACHES CORNER: Tactical Coaching

When players utilise the individual offensive and defensive skills that they have been taught, and they use these as part of a team performance to implement a strategic plan set by the coach, then the skills become what are known as ‘team tactics’.

It is you as a coach who sets the team tactics but it is the players who have to be effective in delivering them, and not only that, they also have to be able to adapt to the changing tactics of the opposition during a game. Players must therefore be very well drilled in the tactics you as a coach want to implement and tactical sessions should become a regular part of the training programme for your team for this reason.

So what tactics should you use?

The first rule here is that the decisions you make as a coach on how to set your team up and what system or systems you decide to implement will depend on a number of factors including the type of player you have at your disposal, their relative ability, the opposition you are playing and the events that happen during a game. 

You have to make these decisions and there are no set rules – its what works for you and your team. To get you started though we have explained some well known Futsal defensive and offensive tactics.These are used by some of the worlds best teams, so should be a good starting point for you.